Discovering Marketers On Demand

Discovering Marketers On Demand

If there is one staffing problem several companies have in common, it has to be the marketing division. Whether it’s introducing a new product to the world or maintaining the popularity of one that is already established, the involved individuals have to be dedicated, informed and capable. This is where Marketers on Demand brings such a sweet sound to companies in need of some good people.

What if companies could approach this staffing problem with a focused solution? More specifically, what if companies could go to a site where they can get profiles of the most sought after marketing experts? This is what Marketers On Demand created, and now it is serving fortune 500 companies with only the most skilled people for Toronto marketing jobs.

Where It Began

Marcie Pollock is the brains behind this operation and it’s her extensive experience with staffing solutions and marketing that brought on the idea. What Marcie has created since 2008 is a boutique recruitment site that looks specifically at bringing these two elements together.

With marketing trends constantly changing it is crucial to have a great understanding of the business, while showing a high level of creativity. But for the most part companies simply look to typical recruitment agencies and hope the right people would come their way. There is no need to hope anymore.

What MoD Offers

Seeing as this is a full service recruitment site, both employees and employers will benefit. Starting with marketing professionals on the hunt for open positions, one click on the site takes the user directly to the marketing job board. On the job board page all the available positions can be explored, including the requirements from potential employees. Interested parties can apply online while Marcie and her team get everything sorted.

On the employers end, companies can post available jobs quickly and easily. To make it even better the site offers contract, contract to permanent and permanent options. In other words, if a company is only looking for a temporary professional they are at liberty to add it to their offer.

The Benefits Of Using MoD

Some things just work better when they are concentrated, and this is the case right here. Marketers on Demand aims to bridge the gap between reputable companies and individuals who can truly contribute in more ways than one.

Interestingly enough, about 60% of placements are aided by their referral program. MoD is deeply connected into several networks and through these networks people get rewarded for their help in linking the perfect employee with the perfect job.

For job seekers there is an interesting blog on the site that covers valuable topics, such as choosing the right job and how to perform at your best.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Marcie and her team has managed to help expanding companies and their need for quality marketing personnel. They have stayed on top of their game since the service started and they keep going from strength to strength. Now it’s just a matter of getting on board the gravy train.